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My name is Michol Polson and you are at my author's page for the Myscal Taylor series on the American Civil War.


These are my first novels in the fiction market. In the last 20 years, I have published extensively in the medical education and behavioral sciences where I am employed.


On a personal note, I was born in Idaho and raised in the Midwest. My ancestors came from the South, England, and Scandinavia to settle in the Intermountain West in the 1840s-70s. I grew up listening to vivid, colorful stories about my Rocky Mountain ancestors and their trials of frontier life.


My grandfather was a cowboy on ranches in Montana and Idaho.  A great great grandfather was killed and scalped by Bannocks in 1858. Another great great grandfather worked a pick in the silver mines of Park City, Utah.


I lived in the South for 17 years and grew to love the culture and landscape.


I have tramped in depth all the major battlefields of the Civil War and spent many hours contemplating the raw experiences of the common soldier.


I returned to the West in 2012 and live in Klamath Falls, Oregon with my family. 


Every morning, I get up, breath the crisp mountain air and look at the streaming light reflecting off the eastern slopes of the Cascades Range.




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