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"Desolating the Nation": Novel 3

Novel 3 of the Myscal Taylor series is titled "Desolating the Nation."

For this novel the historical research is done, the plot written, the chapter narratives started in earnest.

Myscal Taylor of the 20th Indiana in Grant's Army of the Potomac hurtles head long into the darkest combat period of the Civil War.

The Battle of the Wilderness begins on May 5, 1864. Grant has nearly 120,000 men; the greatest army ever assembled on American soil. Within 3 months nearly half of them are dead, wounded, or missing.

The 20th Indiana is at the strategic center point of this battle. Myscal has earned the respect of the veterans of Company B but he enters battle bearing a scarcely healed physical wound. The wound to his heart is deeper. He does not hate the men of the South. Compelled to kill in prior battle, he fervently wishes to end no more lives.

But he is as a leaf in a fast flowing river with no ability to steer his course.

The greatest bloodletting in America is about to commence. Will he see his wife, three children again? Will he survive to return to his beloved Wasatch Mountains on the eastern edge of the Great Salt Lake?

So many unknowns...

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